Badger Mountains A Little Birdie Told Me

Birdie is our first keeper girl from her momma Mabel. When she was born she looked so much like Mabel we called her Mini Mabel. Her guardian momma Tiffany says, "I may be biased, but Birdie is the sweetest dog I have ever met and gorgeous to boot. She is what your doggie dreams are made of. Bird is the type of gal that will greet you with a hug (yes , she hugs) & a smile after a long day at work. She is both gentle and quirky! Birdie's favorite activities are chasing after her brother while he fetches the ball, snuggling up next to you any chance she can, and long car rides with the windows down. She loves feeling the wind in her face!" Look for Birdie's first litter in Winter of 2021!

Registered Name:
Health Testing:
Hales Makin It Easy @ Sutter Buttes aka Hercules
Badger Mountains A Little Birdie Told Me aka Birdie
Badger Mountains Heir To The Throne aka Mabel
Apricot w/White Mismarks, Carries Parti Gene
Soft Wavy to Straight Fleece, Little to no Shedding, Allergy Friendly
Medium 37 lbs
OFA Hips & Elbows, OFA Cardiac, Embark DNA Testing: Not a Carrier, All Clear of 26 common genetic conditions common in breed. All clear of 182 other genetic conditions that Embark tests for.