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Sacto Labradoodles Sherekhan @ Badger Mountain

Here's a little bit about our Dood Maverick. He's full of energy, spunky, mischievous, but the most loving dog on the planet. He loves "ruff housing" with his brother, they feed off of each others energy. On the other hand he is very gentle and loving with his sister and follows her everywhere. They've developed a morning routine where he joins her every morning while she brushes her teeth. Though he isn't allowed in the bathroom, we let it slide. Maverick is our first family dog and though we were all in, of course we had our concerns with adjusting to our new fur baby. All those concerns disappeared fast because the love that we developed for him overtook the concern. I never thought that I could love a dog as much as a human being but Maverick made that oh so possible. Life just wouldn't be the same without him. - The Monroe Family

Registered Name:
Health Testing:
ASD Companion Cooper
Sacto Labradoodles Sherekhan @ Badger Mountain aka Maverick
ASD Companion Princess Zoe
Black and White Parti , will throw Reds, Caramels and Chocolates
Soft and Wavy Fleece, little to no shedding, allergy friendly
Mini Est. 23 lbs mature
OFA Hips & Elbows, OFA Cardiac, Embark DNA Testing: Not a Carrier, All Clear of 26 common genetic conditions common in breed. All clear of 182 other genetic conditions that Embark tests for.
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