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We currently have puppies available for placement in approved guardian home families and also are building a waiting list for upcoming litters. Guardian families are the life of our breeding program at BML.


We started out our labradoodle journey as a guardian family for 2 of our labradoodle girls Marley and Mocha of Sutter Buttes Labradoodles. We fully understand the benefits of the guardian program as well as the responsibilities. We currently have guardian families in Kennewick/Tri-Cities WA, Sacramento, CA and San Diego CA. When we say “from our family to yours”, we truly mean it. Presently all of our guardian families are literally our family. We currently are taking applications for guardian families in the Kennewick, WA and Sacramento, CA areas. Our BML family just keeps growing and we’re looking forward to each addition.


A guardian can be an individual or a family who will live in one of our designated areas for our breeding program. A guardian family, upon approval of their application, will take into their home one of our “pick of the litter pups” in our breeding program. This puppy will most likely be a female pup but can also be a male depending on our breeding program needs. The guardian home takes our BML puppy into their family to raise and to love as their own while BML will retain the breeding rights and ownership of the dog until the contract is fulfilled. The time frame of the contract may vary depending on specific circumstances and whether the pup is a female or a male. We will thoroughly go over the details of the contract and expectations with each guardian. Once the Guardian Dog has completed his/her breeding career, he/she will be spayed or neutered at our expense and will remain a fur-ever pet of their Guardian Family!


There is a cost to be a guardian. The cost of a guardian puppy is $500 as compared to the standard pet price of $3500. When the guardian dog has finished its breeding career BML will transfer ownership rights to the guardian.


Our guardian experience has given us years of joy that has expanded to our children, grandchildren and friends. Labradoodles are great family pets with exceptional qualities that make them a unique breed unto themselves. We invite you to join our BML family and spread some Doodle love around the world.


Let’s Work Together


Guardian Coordinators

Andrew (New Guardian Coordinator)


Terry (Existing Guardian Coordinator)


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