Planned 2022 Breedings

We are now reserving spots for our 2022 upcoming litters. Our 2021 litters are fully reserved. Puppies go to their forever homes approximately 4 months after breeding. The timing for these breeding's are our best educated guess. We cannot predict mother nature although we try. We have no control over momma's heat cycles or their litter sizes. Females in our breeding pairings will not change but males can possibly be changed on occasion. For those on our waiting  list you will be contacted immediately once we have confirmation of breeding and pregnacy. Position on our waiting list is determined by when your deposit has been paid. Once you have filled out our adoption application and have been approved you may place a deposit on the available upcoming litter of your choice. Adoption Application. 

BML Peaches / BML Bandit - Summer 2022 - Litter Available

This will be Peaches and Bandit's second breeding! While these two share traits of loyalty and an eagerness to please, their stoic vs energetic personalities have us excited to see how the two blend together for this litter.

BML Birdie / SBL Tex - Summer 2022 - Litter Available

This is Birdie's second breeding and we are so excited about the possibilities of this litter. Birdie is Mabel's first momma in our breeding program. We cannot wait to meet these little pups!

BML Gold / SBL Baxter - Fall 2022 - Litter Available

We've struck Gold with this pairing twice before. We know we can expect beautiful coats and the sweetest of personalities with this bunch!

BML Ruby / BML Bandit - Fall 2022 - Litter Available

This will be Ruby's second breeding! Bandit and Ruby's playful personalities are bound to bring us a high spirited, fun loving litter!