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Planned 2023 Breedings

We are excited to announce our planned breeding's for 2023!

We are taking reservations for any litter indicating "Pups Available".

We update our list frequently.

If someone on our waiting list chooses to pass on a current litter or we have more puppies than reservations on a litter, we will fill those spots by moving down our waiting list.

 Begin the process of getting on our waiting list by filling out an Application.

You may also contact us at 509-873-9425 for details.

Once you have filled out our Application and have been approved, you may place a Deposit on the available litter of your choice, securing your spot on our waiting list.

Position on our waiting list is determined by when your deposit has been paid.


Puppies go to their forever homes approximately 4 months after breeding.

Roughly 9 weeks of pregnancy and 8 weeks of whelping.

Timing of when the breeding's take place are our best educated guess.

We cannot predict mother nature although we try.

We have no control over our female's heat cycles or their litter sizes.

Females in our breeding pairings will not change but males can possibly be changed on occasion.

For those of you on our waiting list, you will be contacted immediately once we have confirmation of breeding and pregnancy.

BML Ruby & BML Archie "Pups Available" WINTER BREEDING


BML Gold & TBD Sacto Stud "Pups Available" SPRING BREEDING

TBD Male Sacto Stud

BML Lily & SBL Bandit "Pups Available" SPRING BREEDING


BML Keyla & Sacto Maverick "Pups Available" SPRING BREEDING


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