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Sutter Buttes You Stole My Heart @ Badger Mountain

Bandit has a joy for mornings that brightens up our every day. He loves a good match of tug of war and napping on the couch. His fun loving personality keeps us young and makes our lives better. He helps socialize the puppies we whelp in our home and it brings us such joy to watch him "father" over all of puppies whether they're his or not. Our son refers to him as his "Dog Brother" and we consider him our 2nd child. Bandit is a blessing to our family and we love him with all of our hearts. - The Gonzales Family

Registered Name:
Health Testing:
Hale's Right Hand Man aka Hamilton @ SBL
Sutter Buttes You Stole My Heart @ Badger Mountain aka Bandit
Hale's Little Bit of Spice aka Curry
Tri Color Chocolate Phantom
Soft and Wavy Fleece, Little to No Shedding, Allergy Friendly
Large Mini, Small Medium 30 lbs
OFA Hips & Elbows, OFA Cardiac, Embark DNA Testing: Not a Carrier, All Clear of 26 common genetic conditions common in breed. All clear of 156 other genetic conditions that Embark tests for.
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