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Badger Mountains Diamonds and Rubies

Ruby is the sweetest fun loving Dood. Ruby loves everyone she meets and you can tell by her excitement. "Ruby is so full of happiness that it radiates from her. She is boundless energy, so silly, so bubbly, and not a mean bone in her entire body. Ruby plays gently with our 2 cats, she gets along well with other dogs, and she's never met a stranger she didn't like. Ruby simply loves everyone she meets, and naturally assumes that they love her right back. As energetic as Ruby can be, she also senses when your heart is hurting. Ruby somehow knows when to simply lay next to you and rest her head on your leg, or to stand on her back paws and throw her arms around your neck. Such a blessing she is, this angel with paws." Ruby's momma Julie. Ruby's first breeding is planned for Winter of 2021.

Registered Name:
Health Testing:
Ladd Hills Walt Morey
Badger Mountains Diamonds and Rubies aka Ruby
Hales Few and Far Between @ Badger Mountain aka Amelia
Caramel w/White Mismarks, Carries Parti & Brindle Gene, Will Throw Chocolates
Soft Wavy Fleece, Little to no Shedding, Allergy Friendly
Medium 38 lbs
OFA Hips & Elbows, OFA Cardiac, Embark DNA Testing: Not a Carrier, All Clear of 26 common genetic conditions common in breed. All clear of 182 other genetic conditions that Embark tests for.
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