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Sutter Buttes Marley May

Marley was our first Labradoodle. We earned our stripes as a guardian family with her and she is truly the matriarch of our labradoodle family which is now at 6 labradoodles and growing. Marley is very special and was from the beginning. We had to wait to bring her home because she had an Activia yogurt commercial to do with Jamie Lee Curtis. Marley doesn’t think she’s a dog, she thinks she’s human. She is great with other dogs, but her preferred interaction is with people. Playing fetch is her favorite game. Secondly she loves the “claw” and to play fight with one of us rather than one of our other doods. From her puppyhood she has always “talked” to us. She began by barking to go outside during potty training and she hasn’t stopped since. She barks for everything she wants and that is her primary way of communicating. She barks to go outside, she barks when she wants you to play, she barks when she thinks its time for dinner, she barks when she wants a treat and she will cheer with us (bark) when we’re getting crazy watching sports. Marley has service dog in her DNA. If you needed someone, like if you fell down and couldn’t get up and you called out for help, Marley would go find someone and bark at them to follow her to you. This works great if I want my wife to get me some coffee when I’m in my office. If I just call out her name Marley will go get her and bring her to me. Marley dances to the beat of her own drum, she’s definitely not a follower, but a leader. Marley is highly intelligent and sensitive with a selective stubbornness when it comes to something she really wants. She always obeys, but will give you some lip about it sometimes or pretend she doesn’t know what you’re asking until you make a stronger emphasis to her what you want. Marley is retired from Sutter Buttes Labradoodles after having 3 great litters for them. SBL also kept some of Marley’s pups in their breeding program over the years. I really wanted to have a pup of Marley’s in our breeding program because of her unique personality but the breeding was unsuccessful. In 2020 we did a trade with Sutter Buttes Labradoodles for the great granddaughter of Marley. Her name is Peaches and her momma Josie is Marley's granddaughter.

Registered Name:
Health Testing:
Hale's Raising the Stakes aka – Dash
Sutter Buttes Marley May
Sutter Buttes Irish Rosin
Soft Wavy Fleece, Little to no Shedding, Allergy Friendly
OFA Hips & Elbows, CERF
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