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Birdie and Sir Maxwell have Honeymooned.

Puppies are available on this litter!

Expecting Litters have Honeymooned.

Once pregnancy is confirmed a DUE DATE will replace the HONEYMOONED title.

Those of you on our waiting list will receive notification of the pregnancy confirmation.

Once puppies are born the litter will be moved to Current Litters.


If you are interested in adopting or becoming a guardian, begin the process by filling out an Application to get on our waiting list and we will get ahold of you to discuss the litter are interested in.

We are taking reservations for litters indicating "Pups Available".

Litters that are "Fully Reserved" may still hold an opportunity for you to reserve a puppy depending on the litter size or interest from our waiting list.

BML Birdie / Sacto Maxwell - HONEYMOONED - Pups Available